Frequently Asked Questions

What does The TXT Hub do?

The TXT Hub lets you text famous quotes from TV shows and celebrities to your friends, family, and colleagues. If they have a mobile phone number, you can text them.

What is a Wire?

A Wire is an entity, or 'theme.' Wires are based around a particular celebrity, or TV show.

For example: When you select 'The Office' Wire, your recipient will only receive random quotes from The Office.

Want to send someone Kanye quotes? Select the Kanye Wire.

Do you use my phone number to text?

Not at all. We use our own phone numbers dedicated to individual Wires.

There's no way for us to use your own existing phone number.

Can people respond to the texts you send?

Absolutely. Any replies that your recipient texts us are posted on our Twitter feed, so be sure to follow along to see how they responded.

You can find us on Twitter and Instagram: @TheTXThub

Is my personal information secure?

Of course. The only information we collect is your name, email, and your recipient's phone number. Here's why we need to collect these and how we use them:

• Your name/email 👉 Used to notify you (via email) when your recipient responds to one of your sent texts.

• Recipient's phone number: Used to text quotes to them. Obviously, we can't text quotes if we don't know their number.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of quotes I can send?

Nope. Send 5 texts or send 500 texts.

Due to anti-spam policies, we'll step in if anyone is going crazy with it, but for those of you not abusing the service, you got nothing to worry about (and thank you for playing nicely). 😇

How much does the service cost?

Our pricing is simple: 50¢ per quote, regardless of how many quotes you send.

• 10 quotes = $5

• 25 quotes = $12.50

• 50 quotes = $25

You can pick however many quotes you want—you're not bound by preset quantities.

The TXT Hub is

for sale

Everything you see—including sending the text messages—is 100% automated and requires zero maintenance.

If you're interested in acquiring The TXT Hub to expand upon it (like adding different Wires), or repurposing it altogether (such as for sending your audience automated texts), enter your email so we can chat.